Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google Plus innovation For Social Network

Today's world of increasingly sophisticated communication and communicative, almost all the information and gadgets we can get easily on the internet. And great people developer of social networking sites began to develop the features on their sites, even up to elbow each other he said was used for the advancement and courage sites that they manage. Especially if it were not for names for the world's more respected.
It is said that Google's presence plus a serious threat to sites other social networking, especially Facebook, which until today still dominate the social networking world, although some time ago Twitter enters the virtual world, but Facebook is still a networking site with the most users.

Back to Google Plus or the so-called "G plus", by Larry Page (CEO of Google) is claimed to be the site of the largest and most comprehensive social networking features. For that reason, please mate own judge when entering and playing in G Plus. Because in my opinion, there is definitely a plus minus depending on the users. Similar to Facebook, the display is not too much different, maybe some excellent features G Plus a little added plus.

there have Some features include:

1.Circle: When my friend came in, my friend can categorize your friends by category mate, ie hanging out in a circle of friends, family and friends in the circle of the two working in a circle of three, and so on.

2.Hangout: allow pal face to face directly via online chat or webcam chat, buddy can also arrange to speak with several people at once.

3.Sparks: here my friend can take a video or an article based on the interest mate, and can save them as favorites on my profile mate.

Recently, Google Plus is still limited to a user's Gmail account, because Google Plus is still in development stage. So to other email users, please be patient. if you want to improve your Blog i strongly recommend visit , this site definitely give wide knowledge about tutorial blogger. see you on th enext post.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sosial Media coming ready or not

I have been doing a number of talks / presentations recently to business groups and networking groups entitled “Social Media – coming ready or not!” and I just wanted to apologise publicly for this.
I’m really very sorry!

It’s not that I feel that they weren’t full of good information or that they weren’t well received or even that they only scraped that surface of the subject at hand – although the latter is certainly true (but hopefully not the others!).

No, I wanted to apologise because I fear that the title is misleading. I worry that it gives the impression that social media, with blogging sitting at its centre, is something which has still to fully arrive and that we can watch its approach with a type of detached intellectual curiosity. I feel that perhaps people might think that if we all collectively close our eyes, then it might disappear and be replaced with something more friendly to the business marketing status quo.

Or perhaps, in the tried and tested disaster movie formula, we feel confident that the “social media asteroid” hurtling on a collision course with Earth will somehow be diverted from its course and we will all be saved … probably by Bruce Willis, if cinematic history is anything to go by.

This is all untrue. Social media is here … now.

It is already profoundly affecting what we do and how we interact. From a business perspective, it is impacting how we find, evaluate, promote, recommend and share information, products and services, as well as how we rate the companies and individuals which supply them. And of course, conversely it is changing the ways in which companies need to listen to us, their customers, and engage with us if they wish to succeed.

There are still companies which seem to
believe that they can ignore or avoid it – well, they can certainly elect not to actively participate but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be involved. If people are talking about them then they are involved, albeit implicitely. Their reluctance to actively join the conversation simply means that they have no say in the discussion and so no control over what is being said or its future direction.

So, I say to those companies and individuals defiantly sitting there like King Canute hoping to stem the tide, don’t fight it but rather embrace it. At the very least, make sure that you have the tools in place to listen to what is being said, but ideally also make sure that you have the tools and knowledge to participate and, preferably, initiate conversations. It will certainly be beneficial and you never know, you might even enjoy it!

Source: Betterbusinessblogging

The Right Width for Your Blog

The following post on blog width was submitted by Michael Martin from Pro Blog Design.
800×600… 1024×768… 1280×1024… There are dozens of different screen resolutions available, and what’s more is that not all users have their browsers at full size, making it even harder to choose a resolution to design for.

Lies, Damned Lies…

Most statistics are of little benefit to you. There is only one statistic which matters; your own. Look at your blog’s stats, and see what resolutions your own readers are using.

The percentage of readers using each resolution will vary greatly from blog to blog. For instance, whilst 10% of a sewing tips site may be using 800×600, a tech blog might find that less than 1% of their readers are on this resolution.

The Optimal and the Acceptable

It is rarely possible to give everyone the perfect design. Instead, you must settle for the most good for the most people, and an acceptable display for everyone else.

If the vast majority of your readers are using 1024×768 or higher, as they probably are, then build your blog for this width. The extra width gives you the space for more content, or to spread out the content you already have, giving the design room to breathe. In most cases, the benefits of this make it worth the loss to the small number of 800×600 users.

With the layout optimised for the larger resolution, you can then ensure that it is also acceptable for lower resolutions, i.e. they can still use your site without horizontal scrolling.
  • Place the content on the left, and the sidebar on the right.
  • Interlink your articles, allowing visitors to navigate your blog without the sidebar navigation.
  • If you use a 3-column layout, place navigation links in the leftmost of the 2 sidebar columns. This increases the likelihood of a low resolution user being able to navigate efficiently, without scrolling.
  • Make use of vertical space. For example, a low resolution user may not see the RSS links in the sidebar, but if you place an RSS button under your post, they will still see that.
Whichever width you design for, make sure you remember the browser scrollbar. An 800 pixel wide screen may only be able to show 760px of a webpage.

The Liquid Solution

Building your blog to a set width isn’t the only possibility. A number of other solutions exist, with the most popular being the liquid layout.

A liquid layout expands based on the size of the browser window. Ideally, this means that everyone will view the webpage at the largest possible width.

In practice this causes trouble for those with very large resolutions, as the length of a line of text becomes too long to be easily readable. At the other end of the scale, a 3-column liquid layout being squashed onto a small resolution rarely looks good either, with crushed content and shorter lines.

These drawbacks should always be considered, sorted if possible, despite the extra work. This usually means setting maximum and minimum widths on the content.

More Advanced Methods

For the advanced blogger looking to serve up perfect pages to each and every visitor, a number of other techniques exist. Two of my favorites are the ability to serve up different CSS stylesheets depending on the resolution, or to use elastic layouts which change depending on the text size. It just takes a little experimenting to get what you want.

At the end of the day, you can’t please everyone. For most bloggers, you perfect the page for the majority of your visitors, and do your best for the rest. If you can optimise for each and every person, well done, but don’t worry if you can’t.
What width is your blog built for?

Source: Problogger

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cara Cepat Dapat backlink Gratis

Membangun backlink ke situs/blog kita adalah sesuatu yang wajib. Karena dengan banyaknya backlink yang mengarah ke situs/blog , maka akan berimbas baik terhadap situs/blog di mata Search Engine Google dan tentunya akan menaikan PageRank situs/blog tersebut.

Berbagai macam cara di lakukan para pemilik situs/blog untuk mendapatkan backlink baik yang berbayar atau gratis. Nah bagi kita-kita yang hanya memiliki budget kecil tentunya pilihan yang gratisan-lah yang selalu kita pilih untuk meningkatkan dan membangun backlink ke situs/blog kita. Cara cepat untuk mendapatkan backlink gratis yang akan saya share kali ini adalah men-submit artikel situs/blog ke berbagai social bookmark (dofollow).

Saya sarankan anda menggunakan situs layanan submit artikel ke berbagai situs social bookmark. Situs tersebut adalah Social Monkee , situs ini adalah situs yang menyediakan layanan submit artikel ke ratusan situs Social Bookmark hanya dengan sekali kirim. Social Monkee menyediakan 2 type member yaitu Free member dan Premium member.

Perbedaan dari kedua type member adalah:
1. Free member hanya bisa men-submit artikel blog 1 kali dalam sehari ke 25 situs social bookmark.
2. Premium member memiliki akses untuk me-submit artikel 3 kali dalam sehari ke 100 situs social bookmark lainnya. Jadi situs/blog yang kita submit akan mendapatkan 300 backlik dalam sehari.
Untuk mulai mendaftar di Social Monkee adalah sebagi berikut:
1. Kunjungi situs Social Monkee
2. Kemudian perhatikan form di bagian bawah ( submit form ), isi Nama, email dan password yang akan anda gunakan untuk mendaftar, dan klik”Submit Form”.
3. Setelah anda daftar, cek email anda untuk men-verifikasi email yang di kirim ke anda untuk mengaktifkan account member anda. Jika sudah selesai mengkorfimasi account anda silahkan login dan anda bisa langsung men-submit artikel anda ke 25 situs social bookmark dalam satu hari.

Jika anda dapat mencari referal hinga 12 member lebih, anda bisa mengupgrade free member anda ke premium member Mudah-mudahan ini menjadi solusi buat anda yang ingin membangun backlink situs/blog secara gratis

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nama Domain Terdapat keyword Utama

Nama Domain Terdapat keyword Utama - Apabila blog anda ingin sukses sebaik anda melakukan optimasi dari hal yang sekecil mungkin, diantaranya adalah nama domain yang digunakan terdapat keyword utama. Tentu hal ini tidak wajib adanya, namun sebaiknya hal ini anda lakukan.

Sebelumnya telah ditulis bahwa untuk menentukan keyword utama sebaiknya anda terlebih dahulu melakukan riset keyword baik itu dengan menggunakan Google keyword suggestion, Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Insight, atau yang paling baik adalah menggabungkan tiga teknik tersebut.


Keyword utama pada nama domain

Yang dimaksud dengan keyword utama pada nama domain yaitu keyword yang kita targetkan terkandung pada nama domain yang digunakan. Contoh, apabila keyword target kita adalah :
Sepatu Futsal

Maka minimal dalam nama domain yang digunakan ada kata “Sepatu” atau “Futsal”, dan yang lebih baik lagi adalah kedua kata tersebut terkandung dalam domain. MIsal :

  • dan lain-lain
Ambil contoh yang lain, misal keyword utama yang di bidik adalah “Kawasaki Ninja”, maka sebaiknya  ada kata “Kawasaki” atau “Ninja”. Misal :

Mencari Nama Domain

Nama domain itu sifatnya unik dalam arti sebuah nama domain hanya bisa digunakan oleh satu pengguna diseluruh dunia, oleh karenanya jika sebuah nama domain telah digunakan oleh pihak lain, kita tidak bisa membelinya atau menggunakannya.
Bagaimana kita dapat mengetahui sebuah nama domain belum dibeli orang lain? kita dapat mengetahuinya dengan menggunakan tool whois yang banyak terdapat di internet seperti :

  • Dan lain-lain
Tidak hanya untuk mengetahui kepemilikan domain, namun tool whois atau domain tool juga memberikan sugesti nama-nama domain yang berhubungan dengan nama domain yang kita cari dan bisa kita pergunakan.

Source: kolom-tutorial

Update PageRank Juni 2011 (Blogodolar Turun ke PR 3

Upadate pagerank (PR) telah tiba di penghujung Juni ini. Bila pada update sebelumnya memperoleh PR 4, pada update kali ini Blogodolar turun ke PR 3. Hal yang sama terjadi pada beberapa blog saya yang lain.
Dua blog saya yang ber-PR 4 turun ke PR 3. Begitu juga dengan dua blog ber-PR 3 yang anjlok ke PR 2.
Yang sedikit menghibur adalah niche blog saya ( memperoleh PR 2 dari sebelumnya PR 0.

Nah, bagaimana dengan PR blog Anda? Apakah PR-nya naik atau turun?
Bila belum tahu, silakan cek PR-nya di PageRank Checker.

Source: blogodolar